Kyle Grant Actor & Producer

Kyle Grant

"Don't count the days,

make the days count"

           - Muhammad Ali

Who is Kyle Grant?


Kyle found his calling as a senior in High School. As a lark he tried out for the school play and landed the part of General Bullmoose in "Lil Abner".  From there it was a journey of discovery as he pursued his dream. Kyle studied acting at Five Towns College and the "Barebones Theatre Company" where his natural talents were honed. 


While acting is his dream, Kyle supports himself as a Department Manager in a local non profit. He seeks new and interesting experiences so you will see him taking classes in pizza making or hiking up a mountain. He loves music from hip hop to jazz and r&b and enjoys the challenge of archery.  


Kyle's acting career is still in its early stages he has worked in every medium and enjoys them all. His theatre credits include "The Motherf**ker with the Hat", "Superior Donuts" and "Six Degrees of Separation". He has appeared on Shadow of Doubt for the Investigative Discovery channel and in commercials such as one for Sunation Solar Systems. See him in the films "What Happened Last Night" and "Mommy's Box". Check it out at

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